Know Your Fundamental Rights

What is a fundamental right guaranteed to a citizen of India by the Indian Constitution ?
Fundamental Rights are those rights that are recognized by the State and enshrined in the Constitution.  These rights are fundamental owing to two reasons:
  1. First, these are mentioned in the Constitution which guarantees them.
  2. These rights are justiciable, i.e. enforceable through courts.  In layman’s terms, being justiciable means that in case of  any of these rights being violated, the individual can approach courts for their protection.

If a government enacts a law that restricts any of these rights, it will be declared invalid by courts.  The Indian Constitution guarantees six fundamental rights to Indian citizens :

(i) Right to equality

(ii) Right to freedom

(iii) Right against exploitation

(iv) Right to freedom of religion

(v) Cultural and educational rights

(vi) Right to constitutional remedies. 

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